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Head office

Management of the company, located at the nerve centre of Barcelona, in modern offices bigger than 800 m2 and was inaugurated on March 2003. 25 people work in the departments of administration, purchase and trade-marketing.



Manufacture Centre and Distribution Warehouse

Four factory premises located at the industrial estate in Baix Ebre, which measure more than 1600 m2 and where 25 people work.


This centre was inaugurated on 1994 in the city were the company was born, Tortosa, and it was completely renovated on 2003. In this centre we manufacture, under GMP, grease dressing principally LINITUL, which is the only European centre of specialized level in this kind of manufacturing. It contains the trade CE for the manufacturing of dressings. It also is the distribution centre where we manage the delivery of orders for the customers of the company.


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