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On June 18th 1909, a community between a doctor and a pharmacist was formed in Tortosa, Tarragona, and this union created the current BAMA-GEVE, a familiar pharmaceutical laboratory, which since 2003, is subsidiary of the Italian multinational company ALFA WASSERMAN.

Despite of the changes suffered throughout its long history, BAMA-GEVE has in its nature some common treats: familiar environment, innovative vocation and its greatest advantage, the illusion and perseverance that contribute its humane team day after day.


Its history began 100 years ago, at the beginning of the 20th century with Tosiletas, cough tablets, and Linitul, grease dressing for little wounds and burns, until nowadays, Línea Mepentol, leader in prevention and treatment of cutaneous ulcers of stage I, and Spiraxin, rifaximina in the polimorfa α form, non-absorbable oral antibiotic for intestinal bacterial etiology diseases. Spiraxin is a researched and development product from ALFA WASSERMANN.


BAMA-GEVE, since 1909, is a pharmaceutical laboratory with innovative vocation and the objective of offering original solutions to the sanitary sector.


CELGANOL, la Finasterida 1mg de BAMA-GEVE ahora también en 98 comprimidos

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La AEMPS aprueba ATERINA para la Insuficiencia Venosa Crónica. SULODEXIDA es el único principio activo aprobado para este tratamiento

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