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BAMA-GEVE formed part of the Italian group ALFA WASSERMANN in 2003 and today, it has doubled the turnover of that moment. Thanks to the constant illusion and to the perseverance of the whole team, we are following an increasing tendency every year.

BAMA-GEVE follows the philosophy of diversification, which appears in different therapeutic areas through a net of own visiting doctors and permits to consider the possibility of keeping growing in the sanitary sector.


The purpose of BAMA-GEVE year after year is to keep the growing dynamic by working, not only on current products, but giving a chance to new opportunities.


CELGANOL, la Finasterida 1mg de BAMA-GEVE ahora también en 98 comprimidos

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La AEMPS aprueba ATERINA para la Insuficiencia Venosa Crónica. SULODEXIDA es el único principio activo aprobado para este tratamiento

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